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Pro Volume Lash Artist Certification

Perfecting the art of Volume Lashes is something only experienced Technicians should attempt. It takes a lot of practice and precision and great training. With our certification class you are on your way to increasing your earning potential!

To enroll in this class you need to take the Advanced Lash Artist class or have a basic certification verified by another school.

Advanced Lash Artist 

16 Hours

DAY 1 Schedule- (8 Hours)

Volume lash safety, Product Safety, Client Safety, Application Safety
Basic vs Volume

Volume Blending Techniques
All about adhesives
Tips of Isolation
Tips of Attachment
Pros and Cons of Custom Made vs Premade Fans
Basic Techniques to make Volume Fans

Volume Fan Making Demonstration & Practice Time 
Lunch (Chick-fil-a 30 Min)
(Models Arrive) Set-up stations, greet models with consent forms, take pictures, remove eye makeup 
Timed Assessment/Rotations 
Demo: Tips and Strategies to Improve Speed and Efficiency 
Hands-on Time for Students to Practice Techniques with Model
Applying Eyelash Extensions to the Lower Lashes

Trainer Demo and Student Hands-on Practice with Model 
Instructor Evaluations/Photos/Orders

DAY 2 Schedule- (8 Hours) Advanced TrainingSafety overview
Overview of Blending Techniques
Making Volume Fans
Lash Design Contour techniques
Volume After Care, Pricing Model and Marketing

Demonstration and Hands-on Fan Making Practice

Volume Blends Application overview

Lunch (30 minutes)
(Models Arrive) Set-up stations, greet models with consent forms, take pictures, remove eye makeup
Trainer Volume Lashing Demonstration with Model 
Students Hands-on Volume Lashing with Model – Trainer observe each student
Optional: Model Break – Students Practice Time Making Fans and Additional Question and Answer Time 
Students Practice Time with Models and Timed Assessment
Instructor Evaluations/Photos/Orders 



Makeup Trials
Adding Lashes

Digital Kit


Feb13,14    9am-5pm

May 8,9     9am-5pm

Aug 14,15  9am-5pm

Nov 13,14 9am-5pm

Price  $2195

Discount  $1895

 Sale ends January 15th!

Enroll Today!!


Model Information

You will need to provide a model for the Lash Certification course. Unlike other companies Creative Beauty Academy does not ask you to be a model for another student. The goal of our training is to teach you the application technique as a lash artist, not a customer. This ensures you get the full benefits for your investments. If you need a model, we can provide one for an additional $100.

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